[usb-ci] Finalmente, Knuth terminó el Volumen 4 de "The Art of Computing Programming"

teruel teruel en ldc.usb.ve
Mar Ene 25 09:00:59 VET 2011

 Gracias por la noticia! Y pensar que llegamos a usar los tomos 1 y 3 
 como textos en Algoritmos...


 On Mon, 24 Jan 2011 19:08:39 -0430, Victor Theoktisto 
 <vtheok en ldc.usb.ve> wrote:
> It's been 28 years since Volume 3 of Donald Knuth's The Art of
> Computer Programming was published. The book series is a classic work
> of computer science in spite of the fact that still more than half of
> the seven volume series is still to be finalized. In 1992 Donald 
> Knuth
> retired to medieval monkness in order to finish his work. After many
> long years in draft, volume 4A now in print and you can get it in a
> boxed set if you don't mind admitting that you don't already own the
> first three volumes. They won't be checking if you read it."
> http://programmingzen.com/2011/01/14/the-art-of-computer-programming-volumes-1-4a-boxed-set/
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